Opiates free pain management

Novel non-invasive treatment for neuropathic and chronic pain combining ultrasound with electrostimulation.

We don't relieve pain.
We cure it.

Over 20,000 successful treatments worldwide addressing unmet medical needs.

• Treating a wide range of pain indications
• Significant results in 2-3 sessions
• Enabling full recovery
• Cost effective & portale


Patented approach for overcoming natural body bio-impedance that normally blocks the efficacy of ultrasound waves.

CureSound enables up to 10cm penetration of ultrasound waves into the body resulting in dramatic therapeutic effect.

The system is designed to ease the pain and accelerate the healing process of chronic wounds such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU), Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU), Ischemic ulcers and pressure ulcers.

Our method combines two proven medical technologies: Ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation in a coordinated manner varying over the course of the treatment in both frequency and intensity) in order to to achieve maximum efficacy in chronic pain treatments.

Treatment Protocol

CureSound uses low intensity electric currents and 1-3MHZ ultrasound frequencies.

Standard treatment duration is 25 minutes long in average consisting of 2 minutes applied electric fields followed by 20 minutes of electric fields combined with Ultrasound treatment 2-3 minutes of applied electric fields only.


Resolving conditions not addressable by other conventional methods. CureSound has thousands of patients treated to normal living after years of suffering from chronic and neuropathic pain.


Motti Oderberg
Moshe Fraind
Shani Apter
Ilan Feferberg
Hezi Himelfarb
Dr. Seth Kaufman
Scientific Advisory Board Member
Yuval Yanai
Prof. Shai Katz
Scientific Advisory Board Member
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Sales Director
Prof. David Yarnitsky
Scientific Advisory Board member
Prof. Howard Rosner
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